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Why does Capture One randomly ask for activation?



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Are you using a subscription or a perpetual licence?

    On a subscription it needs to connect once every so often (30 days I believe) to check that your licence is still current. I don't know of any reason why it should need to if you are on a perpetual licence.


  • JF

    I'm having the same problem lately, it's so annoying. And I'm on a perpetual license. Makes no sense.

  • Boris Tomsic

    I also had the same thing with a perpetual licence (Win.10).
    The first time it appeared I clicked the confirm button but when I attempted to log in it came up with some error/fault message, so I just continued working in C1 with no limitations apparent to me. I continued working in C1 for a few days, just clicking [remind me later] each time.
    Eventually I tried confirming again and logged-in ok this time, and now the problem seems to have gone away.
    I'm still wondering whether it might've been malware attempting to get your log-in details


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