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Sessions on the iPad on a external drive



  • Chris Duzynski

    I completely agree and would welcome that addition.  Given the ability on C1 for the iPad to see some kind of organized folder structure, it should just be a software/programming issue?

    My only "very partial" workaround, is to setup a session on my desktop Mac.  On the iPad, I setup an album with the same "session name" from the desktop.  After my shoot, I transfer the C1 raws from iPad to my Mac session capture folder to continue/begin processing the shoot. IF no longer needed, I delete the images in my album on the iPad.   Not perfect but it does help keep me organized.

  • Martin Knowles

    Oh heck yes--and export/capture to a session on an external drive (or folder for transfer). Now that tethering is getting to be almost usable, this would be one of about three or four things that would make me swap my laptop for an iPad on location.


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