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Problems with Capture One Live



  • Jack W

    Please contact support, as this sounds like it could be a bug and we need to investigate it further with the R&D team.

  • Help Desk

    I have a support ticket in on this. So many new errors upload files, networking, etc. that we have never seen before this update.

  • Laas Tietje

    I did contact the support, and they were a great help! Finally I made a try and it helped (only at my M1 Mac): 

    • made new empty sessions
    • copied the photos from the corrupt sessions into the new
    • started live sharing in the new ones and no more problem with sharing

    New sessions are working well! The old ones (2 of them were corrupted for any reason)

    Unfortunately it seems so that my older iMac 2013 can't cope with Live Sharing at all :-(  - even if the "rest of the app" works well

  • Jack W

    Laas Tietje I'm really glad that Support were able to help you out. Shame about the 2013 iMac – was there anything Support could do with regards to logging a bug or creating a feature request?


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