A new keystone tool Completed
30 votes 123 comments
Media Pro revival Completed
6 votes 70 comments
Canon EOS R5 Support Completed
36 votes 69 comments
Adding Analog/Negative FILM Conversion Features Completed
51 votes 58 comments
Save a version of an image without creating a new variant Completed
5 votes 53 comments
Perspective Completed
3 votes 47 comments
Universal Brush Completed
4 votes 36 comments
Show All Images in Subfolders Completed
26 votes 35 comments
Some visual indication whether setting or slider was changed from original position Completed
8 votes 35 comments
Allow to give variants a description Completed
19 votes 33 comments
Recursive view and multiple selection Completed
18 votes 31 comments
Image Edit History Completed
33 votes 30 comments
Add the ability to view images of subfolders. Completed
43 votes 29 comments
A keystone function (vertical and horizontal adjustments simultaneously) that works Completed
6 votes 26 comments
Support for Leica M10-R Completed
3 votes 23 comments
Lens Profiles for Samyang/Rokinon Completed
6 votes 23 comments
Hire a dedicated lens profile creator – that would be a great feature! Completed
1 vote 23 comments
X-Rite Colorchecker Calibration Completed
17 votes 23 comments
Find offline files Completed
10 votes 22 comments
Vertical keystone adjustments – change default Amount Completed
2 votes 22 comments
Hasselblad support update 2020 Completed
6 votes 19 comments
Color Temperature instead of Kelvin Completed
0 votes 19 comments
OS Support Completed
17 votes 19 comments
Better integration with Photoshop: Opening as layers and PSB support. Completed
9 votes 18 comments
Duplicate layer in same image Completed
4 votes 18 comments
Set a saved workspace as my default workspace Completed
0 votes 18 comments
Modifying EXIF GPS coordinate Completed
1 vote 17 comments
Support for some RF-Lenses and the new EOS R5! Completed
2 votes 17 comments
The ability to read sub-folders Completed
12 votes 17 comments