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Purpose of the Capture One mobile topic – read me first! Pinned
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It feels like a Beta test that I pay for.
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Split cable for power and tethering?
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Nikon Z 9 wireless tethering with iPad doesn't connect
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Can't unpack EIP for client
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Capture One Liveview with ipad 2022
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GFX tethering to iPad
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ICC-based styles broken in v.1.2.1
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CO for iPad / IQ4
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Only a few photos are transferred from Cloud to CO
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my experience with Capture One Ipad edition, some questions and some suggestions
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tethering to IQ3100
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Unable to Tether Fuji X series with C1 Mobile
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Converting a catalog (to use referenced photos) from capture one mobile
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Workflow from IPad to desktop
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Practical workflow to move images form iPad to external storage
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capture one for iPad exporting from iPad to external hd
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Capture One für iPad
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Capture One iPhone/iPad. Workflow RAW, Sony IEM? Only get JPEG copy when importing.
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Capture One on Ipad
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Latest Version crashes on iPad while selecting the FUJIFILM simulation
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Sony A7 IV wireless tethering with 2.00 firmware
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Need Details on File Management
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Capture one for IPAD - Editing from an external SSD
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Duplicate filenames on ipad and originals not transferring tp desktop
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Photos app HUGE size after long session on Capture One for iPad
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Is it really that bad? 1.8 stars on app store
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No compatibility information on CO website
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Unable to open app after updating to 1.02 and lost all my edits/albums/presets
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