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HDR Monitor Support and Raw to HDR HEIF
5 votes 5 comments
cut out the center of a photo, in other words, remove the middle.
-1 votes 3 comments
Import marker of selected pictures
0 votes 2 comments
Offer the option to automatically activate a loupe when positioning straighten and keystone tools
2 votes 0 comments
Option to give variants a name that shows up in the browser Not currently planned
22 votes 19 comments
Remember Tether "Save to" setting
5 votes 9 comments
Softproofing in C1 like it is implemented in Lightroom ?
2 votes 12 comments
Background Blur/Lens Blur like Lightroom
-3 votes 1 comment
Ignore Annotations when using "Copy From Last"
0 votes 0 comments
Simplify update download process
1 vote 1 comment
Copy and Paste specific parameter easily
0 votes 1 comment
Revert files to original card name after importing or batch renaming
0 votes 6 comments
Give more history.....
1 vote 0 comments
Ability to delete tags of photos in trash
1 vote 4 comments
Allow Culling tool to read images from previews.
1 vote 0 comments
Wireless tethering and level display in live view Fujifilm GFX In the works
0 votes 4 comments
Wish List for Ai Masking
6 votes 5 comments
Color-correcting camera profiles - using Colour checker Charts
0 votes 1 comment
Camera Updates to all versions of Software
1 vote 1 comment
support .jxl JPEG XL export
2 votes 1 comment
Transfer of crop information from EXIF data
1 vote 6 comments
manually / automatically stacks
4 votes 1 comment
Manual Focus increment in Live view (for Sony cameras)
1 vote 4 comments
Please, develop Lens blur tool
1 vote 0 comments