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An option to make the scroll bar bigger.
3 votes 13 comments
Auto export for tethered shoot.
2 votes 12 comments
Softproofing in C1 like it is implemented in Lightroom ?
2 votes 12 comments
Improve crop tool efficiency
5 votes 12 comments
Introduce a full screen editing window to maximise image size on a laptop
3 votes 12 comments
Stop losing track of folder name changes on disk
4 votes 11 comments
We are listening ....tell us more ....
0 votes 11 comments
1 vote 11 comments
Button Multi-Push Tool Cycle
0 votes 11 comments
Adding white/black/color border with defined width to photo
5 votes 11 comments
Allow "|" and other symbols in file path
-1 votes 11 comments
Mass Naming of Files from an Excel Document
0 votes 11 comments
Allow Option to Overwrite/Skip Files when Exporting Originals
3 votes 11 comments
Organize Styles into Folder
8 votes 11 comments
Metadata for Person Shown in Image
5 votes 11 comments
Opening old sessions
0 votes 10 comments
Healing AI
17 votes 10 comments
Editable colour tag labels
8 votes 10 comments
Please provide more video support
3 votes 10 comments
Ability to save position or last image processed in session
3 votes 9 comments
Write metadata to all selected images at once
1 vote 9 comments
Dust and Scratches remove mask
0 votes 9 comments
HDR editing and display
4 votes 9 comments
HDR support
12 votes 9 comments
Enable Capture One to import DNG files processed in Adobe DeNoise
6 votes 9 comments
Link a layer to a specific tool tab or vice versa
0 votes 9 comments
Option to turn off all tooltips
3 votes 9 comments
Invert mask representation (red = unmasked, clear = masked)
0 votes 9 comments
Retain column width and order in List View of Browser
4 votes 9 comments