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Make "Synchronize Folder" more efficient
7 votes 2 comments
Use Ctrl + Shift for selecting multiple picture ranges
7 votes 4 comments
Changing Variant Name
7 votes 2 comments
Color Tag Folders
7 votes 6 comments
Use Cull Mode after Edits have been applied.
7 votes 2 comments
HDR + Panorama blending in one go
7 votes 0 comments
sync Catalog to Session workflow
7 votes 3 comments
Option to turn off case sensitivity for Keyword Library search function
7 votes 3 comments
simplify to show/manipulate healing source point outside of crop
6 votes 1 comment
Sort photos in library by 'recently edited'
6 votes 2 comments
Wish List for Ai Masking
6 votes 5 comments
Enable Capture One to import DNG files processed in Adobe DeNoise
6 votes 9 comments
CAI and C2PA support
6 votes 6 comments
Keystone Tool Improvements
6 votes 14 comments
"To which collection/project/album is that image belonging?"
6 votes 2 comments
Remember Tether "Save to" setting
6 votes 9 comments
Anamorphic Desqueeze
6 votes 1 comment
Edit GPS tag in batch
6 votes 7 comments
Add ability to select multiple folders
6 votes 0 comments
Add full dng compatibility
6 votes 2 comments
Nikon ZF preserve camera RAW settings on import. Monochrome ICC profile
5 votes 0 comments
IMPORT PRESETS: Preset for Imports
5 votes 13 comments
Please provide in-app upgrades, and not send users to your web interface
5 votes 4 comments
Option to turn off 'search as you type' (Filters tool > search field)
5 votes 6 comments
Capture One startup behaviour settings option
5 votes 2 comments
Adding white/black/color border with defined width to photo
5 votes 11 comments
Regenerate subject/background mask and apply to current layer
5 votes 13 comments