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Checkbox to turn on and off Adjustment Tools
11 votes 9 comments
Add AVIF and WebP export
11 votes 1 comment
Add WEBP export option
11 votes 3 comments
Export Masks as alpha channels
10 votes 8 comments
Increase number of layers
10 votes 5 comments
PLEASE VOTE: Request for filtering B&W images
10 votes 9 comments
Please allow Crop data to be read from XMP file from Photo Mechanic /Aspect Ratio of camera Not currently planned
10 votes 3 comments
hide the splash screen during startup
9 votes 4 comments
Add JPEG XL Export
9 votes 2 comments
Improve WATERMARK system
9 votes 2 comments
Please read and show creation date of Movie files to allow sorting/filtering Not currently planned
9 votes 4 comments
Styles to be able to be moved into folders inside CO please. Not currently planned
9 votes 2 comments
Settings backup
8 votes 26 comments
Zoom Out
8 votes 2 comments
Make Gradient Tool Selection Points available outside the image area
8 votes 1 comment
Remove Dust / Remove Spot – text on button
8 votes 4 comments
Editable colour tag labels
8 votes 10 comments
Organize Styles into Folder
8 votes 11 comments
Improve Catalog Performance (Metadata Load)
8 votes 3 comments
Automatic Lens Corrections on Import Logged
8 votes 17 comments
Add Keyboard shortcut to reset crop Implemented
8 votes 5 comments
Keystone tool: Maximize crop Not currently planned
8 votes 1 comment
Is it possible to add more color tag options
7 votes 2 comments
Make "Synchronize Folder" more efficient
7 votes 2 comments
Use Ctrl + Shift for selecting multiple picture ranges
7 votes 4 comments
Changing Variant Name
7 votes 2 comments
Color Tag Folders
7 votes 6 comments
Use Cull Mode after Edits have been applied.
7 votes 2 comments
HDR + Panorama blending in one go
7 votes 0 comments