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Improved handling of catalogues (i.e. faster and less unresponsive) Logged
20 votes 9 comments
PSB support Not currently planned
19 votes 30 comments
Sharpening mask similar to Lightroom Not currently planned
19 votes 8 comments
Add one variant to an album without automatically adding all other variants Implemented
19 votes 13 comments
Add an option to render cropped thumbnails in full Not currently planned
18 votes 16 comments
Improve C1P's exporting performance as it does not use all CPU powers. Logged
18 votes 45 comments
Averaging option for white balance picker Logged
17 votes 16 comments
"blur brush" or simply negative sharpening value needed Not currently planned
17 votes 9 comments
Fix the Update Process
15 votes 7 comments
Film grain tool as local adjustment in layers
15 votes 14 comments
Export Speed / overall performance - Apple M Processors
14 votes 28 comments
Healing AI
14 votes 10 comments
Request for Adding a Vectorscope for Color Reading
14 votes 6 comments
Custom Viewer and Browser information Not currently planned
14 votes 7 comments
Luma Range modal blocks all interaction with the main window Implemented
14 votes 7 comments
Keystone tool: Loupe showing position of adjustment points Not currently planned
14 votes 11 comments
Identify the point of focus for each image
13 votes 5 comments
Content Credentials
13 votes 26 comments
Sessions: Add the ability to view images of subfolders
13 votes 5 comments
Map module
13 votes 1 comment
B&W Enable Shortcut key Implemented
13 votes 2 comments
Apply image corrections from one subject selection mask to another image's subject selection mask Implemented
12 votes 9 comments
Welcome / splash window is annonying.
12 votes 8 comments
Give the tool size more flexibility – not just Small / Medium / Auto Not currently planned
12 votes 12 comments
Add a function / tool to create borders Not currently planned
12 votes 10 comments
Add loupe to keystone tool Not currently planned
12 votes 5 comments
Allow Capture One to display Fuji Film Simulation in Base Characteristics instead of just Auto Not currently planned
12 votes 7 comments
Opening Multiple Images as Layers In Photoshop Not currently planned
12 votes 11 comments
HDR support
11 votes 9 comments