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Possibility to save luma range masks / filled masks in custom styles Implemented
64 votes 21 comments
Option to give variants a name that shows up in the browser Not currently planned
22 votes 19 comments
HEIC Support Implemented
29 votes 19 comments
Affinity photo file format support (afphoto) Not currently planned
36 votes 19 comments
Linear gradient after lens distortion correction
3 votes 17 comments
Add "album name" to tokens
2 votes 17 comments
Automatic Lens Corrections on Import Logged
8 votes 17 comments
Picking up pictures for editing from Mylio
0 votes 16 comments
Averaging option for white balance picker Logged
17 votes 16 comments
Catalog backup as Zip/Tar/7Zip
3 votes 16 comments
Healing Mask to Operate Similarly to Magic Brush
1 vote 16 comments
Face Focus issues and improvements
-1 votes 16 comments
Add an option to render cropped thumbnails in full Not currently planned
19 votes 16 comments
Add image (file) size in MB to Metadata properties tab Not currently planned
22 votes 16 comments
Is anybody out there? Nobody from C1 seems to respond to most of our requests.
0 votes 15 comments
Problem - Can't edit metadata for multiple selected files. Not currently planned
21 votes 15 comments
Two feature request for skin tones
3 votes 14 comments
Keystone Tool Improvements
6 votes 14 comments
Film grain tool as local adjustment in layers
15 votes 14 comments
C1 Live - Pass Comments from client Live session to C1 Implemented
6 votes 14 comments
IMPORT PRESETS: Preset for Imports
5 votes 13 comments
Printing Paper simulation
0 votes 13 comments
Combine masks
2 votes 13 comments
Button or Hotkey to move images back to Capture (similar to "move to selects" button)
1 vote 13 comments
Regenerate subject/background mask and apply to current layer
5 votes 13 comments
An option to make the scroll bar bigger.
4 votes 13 comments
Allow to protect images/variants from modification Not currently planned
34 votes 13 comments
Add one variant to an album without automatically adding all other variants Implemented
19 votes 13 comments
Auto export for tethered shoot.
2 votes 12 comments
Softproofing in C1 like it is implemented in Lightroom ?
2 votes 12 comments