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Import To change not reflected in Naming Sample
0 votes 0 comments
Multiple Camera Tethering (simultaneous)
1 vote 1 comment
Extremely poor performance and optimization (Export speed + Slider lag)
4 votes 1 comment
Add Brush Size and Rotate to Speed Edit options
2 votes 8 comments
Adding Multiple stacked watermarks to an image
1 vote 0 comments
Allow Option to Overwrite/Skip Files when Exporting Originals
3 votes 11 comments
Add sorting and batch remove for Session favorite!
1 vote 0 comments
Adding a Guide Toolbox
0 votes 0 comments
Calibrite ColorChecker / Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo support
0 votes 4 comments
Organize Styles into Folder
8 votes 11 comments
Crop tool ability to use arrow keys to size the cropping area
4 votes 1 comment
F Fullscreen
0 votes 0 comments
Consistency of the "EDIT SELECTED" behaviour
2 votes 0 comments
Sort by exposure and Sort by temperature
0 votes 0 comments
WEBP support
2 votes 1 comment
AI ​​denoise and AI auto masking
3 votes 3 comments
Selectively load jpegs without RAW
0 votes 0 comments
Match positions of color readouts
0 votes 0 comments
Full External Crop
0 votes 0 comments
Web Contact Sheet - Watermarks
0 votes 3 comments
Automatically insert new layer for masking
1 vote 1 comment
Capture One for iPad
0 votes 0 comments
Add support for DNG files with LR new Noise reduction applied
1 vote 0 comments
Ability to change the color of the primary variant "frame" in Browser
0 votes 6 comments
Lens support for Tamron 17-28 mm f/2.8 Di III RXD for Sony E
3 votes 5 comments
PLEASE VOTE: Request for filtering B&W images
10 votes 9 comments
Add direct import from Camera
1 vote 8 comments
Please add support to Sony heif-files
3 votes 4 comments