... by sending us a feature request or providing feedback on the desktop application.

Easier color masking.
3 votes 1 comment
Automatic Lens Corrections on Import Logged
8 votes 17 comments
Improved Smart white balance Implemented
0 votes 6 comments
"blur brush" or simply negative sharpening value needed Not currently planned
19 votes 9 comments
Full Screen in Windows
1 vote 5 comments
What do the labels on my post mean?
0 votes 0 comments
Add Undo and Redo in Cull View
3 votes 1 comment
Please add a check when deleting a photo that it doesn't belong to any collection
3 votes 2 comments
Please add a filter “is contained in / it's not contained in” an album
4 votes 1 comment
HDR: Queue/Batch the processing Not currently planned
36 votes 31 comments
Add image (file) size in MB to Metadata properties tab Not currently planned
22 votes 16 comments
Please allow Crop data to be read from XMP file from Photo Mechanic /Aspect Ratio of camera Not currently planned
10 votes 3 comments
Option to generate missing previews
2 votes 2 comments
Improve C1P's exporting performance as it does not use all CPU powers. Logged
20 votes 45 comments
Geometric selections (like Photoshop's Pen Tool) Not currently planned
7 votes 9 comments
Relocate multiple images + show file paths for missing images Not currently planned
33 votes 43 comments
History Panel Not currently planned
82 votes 42 comments
Seriously demands sorting options and batch remove for Session Favorite.
3 votes 1 comment
Please improve and add features for Capture Pilot
1 vote 1 comment
multi-rename at import
0 votes 0 comments
Please Improve noise reduction to modern standards Logged
119 votes 81 comments
Dedicated brush settings tool + pen pressure affects opacity/flow
3 votes 1 comment
Please improve (de)activating multiple layers
2 votes 3 comments
Please read and show creation date of Movie files to allow sorting/filtering Not currently planned
9 votes 4 comments
C1 Live: allow editing IPTC Metadata from a live session Logged
3 votes 2 comments
Stay on last used auto keystone setting, instead of defaulting to vertical
0 votes 3 comments
please add Automatic keystone corrections on ipad, or at very least handles ala desktop
0 votes 1 comment