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Please add ability to drag folders of RAW files straight out of Capture app on ipad to Macos
0 votes 3 comments
B&W Enable Shortcut key Implemented
13 votes 2 comments
Crop to View
2 votes 0 comments
Speed Edit Reset Implemented
5 votes 3 comments
Problem - Can't edit metadata for multiple selected files. Not currently planned
21 votes 15 comments
Custom Viewer and Browser information Not currently planned
14 votes 7 comments
Would love to see file/DAM performance improvements prioritized Logged
46 votes 73 comments
Improved handling of catalogues (i.e. faster and less unresponsive) Logged
20 votes 9 comments
Subject Selection Masking Implemented
110 votes 56 comments
Please integrate the four way white balance shift from Fuji cameras Implemented
4 votes 5 comments
Styles to be able to be moved into folders inside CO please. Not currently planned
9 votes 2 comments
With saved workspaces, mark which one I have currently loaded In the works
21 votes 8 comments
Option for automatically choosing brush tool depending on layer type
5 votes 6 comments
Allow masking to work in combination with panorama merging
5 votes 1 comment
sync Catalog to Session workflow
7 votes 3 comments
Option to prevent files from being renamed
3 votes 0 comments
8 C1 Live improvement ideas
0 votes 2 comments
Film grain tool as local adjustment in layers
16 votes 14 comments
Luma Range modal blocks all interaction with the main window Implemented
14 votes 7 comments
Please provide more video support
3 votes 10 comments
Add Keyboard shortcut to reset crop Implemented
8 votes 5 comments
C1 Live - Pass Comments from client Live session to C1 Implemented
6 votes 14 comments
Option to show missing/offline files Not currently planned
24 votes 23 comments
Modifier key for finer adjustments (Mac)
5 votes 1 comment
Introduce a full screen editing window to maximise image size on a laptop
3 votes 12 comments
The possibility to clear a mask without cancel the Gamma Luma parameters.
4 votes 0 comments
Keystone tool: Maximize crop Not currently planned
8 votes 1 comment
Allow Capture One to display Fuji Film Simulation in Base Characteristics instead of just Auto Not currently planned
12 votes 7 comments
Disable style preview on mouse over
1 vote 7 comments