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... by sending us a feature request or providing feedback on the desktop application.

Option to generate missing previews
2 votes 2 comments
Seriously demands sorting options and batch remove for Session Favorite.
3 votes 1 comment
Please improve and add features for Capture Pilot
1 vote 1 comment
multi-rename at import
0 votes 0 comments
Dedicated brush settings tool + pen pressure affects opacity/flow
3 votes 1 comment
Please improve (de)activating multiple layers
2 votes 3 comments
Stay on last used auto keystone setting, instead of defaulting to vertical
0 votes 3 comments
please add Automatic keystone corrections on ipad, or at very least handles ala desktop
0 votes 1 comment
Please add ability to drag folders of RAW files straight out of Capture app on ipad to Macos
0 votes 3 comments
Crop to View
2 votes 0 comments
Option for automatically choosing brush tool depending on layer type
5 votes 6 comments
Allow masking to work in combination with panorama merging
5 votes 1 comment
sync Catalog to Session workflow
7 votes 3 comments
Option to prevent files from being renamed
3 votes 0 comments
8 C1 Live improvement ideas
0 votes 2 comments
Film grain tool as local adjustment in layers
16 votes 14 comments
Please provide more video support
3 votes 10 comments
Modifier key for finer adjustments (Mac)
5 votes 1 comment
Introduce a full screen editing window to maximise image size on a laptop
3 votes 12 comments
The possibility to clear a mask without cancel the Gamma Luma parameters.
4 votes 0 comments
Disable style preview on mouse over
1 vote 7 comments
Option to turn off case sensitivity for Keyword Library search function
7 votes 3 comments
Keywords: export options
3 votes 4 comments
Option to lock images to prevent further changes
4 votes 2 comments
Renaming image files on import: More advanced options for numbering patterns
3 votes 3 comments
Keystone tool: Retain adjustment point positions after Capture One is closed
3 votes 0 comments
HDR Monitor Support and Raw to HDR HEIF
5 votes 5 comments
Metadata for Person Shown in Image
5 votes 11 comments