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Search “Improve Capture One Pro” topic first to avoid duplicate feature requests Pinned Featured
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How to make a feature request or provide feedback Pinned Featured
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What do the labels on my post mean? Pinned
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Color Calibration tool equivalent to Lightroom Not currently planned
35 votes 53 comments
Improve the update process please!
0 votes 3 comments
Batch Merge to HDR
1 vote 1 comment
Averaging option for white balance picker Logged
17 votes 16 comments
Ability to save position or last image processed in session
3 votes 9 comments
Improve customer support
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Removing Slight star trails
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Picking up pictures for editing from Mylio
0 votes 16 comments
Nikon z7ll
0 votes 1 comment
Intersecting masks
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Add "sort by name" in online shared album
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C1 Live - Pass Comments from client Live session to C1 Implemented
6 votes 14 comments
Auto export for tethered shoot.
2 votes 12 comments
2 votes 3 comments
Compatability with Blackmagic Decklink output cards
1 vote 2 comments
please develop API for the Windows version of Capture One
2 votes 4 comments
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Copy and Invert Mask
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HDR: Queue/Batch the processing Not currently planned
27 votes 25 comments
Make the Full Screen Preview work correctly in Windows 11
2 votes 1 comment
Export Speed / overall performance - Apple M Processors
14 votes 28 comments
Synch and remove none-existing folders from catalogue
1 vote 4 comments
Exported file automatically added to the library
0 votes 2 comments
PSB support Not currently planned
19 votes 30 comments