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Custom Sort in Collections Shared on Capture One Live Logged
1 vote 1 comment
We need real "Auto Sync" for CP1. Logged
1 vote 7 comments
Provide QR code for share online Logged
1 vote 1 comment
Custom Shortcuts "Apply Style to New Layer" Logged
0 votes 2 comments
Sort by Name in Capture One Live Logged
0 votes 0 comments
Culling images on mobile device Logged
0 votes 3 comments
Moving changes between machines and archive Logged
1 vote 4 comments
Older Nikon camera's ICC profiles and Curves Logged
0 votes 2 comments
Optional naming protocols during tethered shooting Logged
0 votes 1 comment
Live Session - co-editing process with clients features Logged
0 votes 1 comment
Please fix the import selection bug Logged
3 votes 5 comments
Automatic Lens Corrections on Import Logged
6 votes 17 comments
Improve C1P's exporting performance as it does not use all CPU powers. Logged
15 votes 42 comments
Please Improve noise reduction to modern standards Logged
82 votes 67 comments
C1 Live: allow editing IPTC Metadata from a live session Logged
3 votes 2 comments
Would love to see file/DAM performance improvements prioritized Logged
33 votes 50 comments
Improved handling of catalogues (i.e. faster and less unresponsive) Logged
16 votes 9 comments
LUTS! How is it that C1 can't use LUTs? Logged
26 votes 28 comments
Adding Analog/Negative FILM Conversion Features Logged
97 votes 112 comments