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Bring back the Output Panel! Implemented
78 votes 117 comments
Subject Selection Masking Implemented
110 votes 56 comments
Add the ability to view images of subfolders. Implemented
47 votes 31 comments
Being able to toggle the Feedback Notifications on/off in 16.3 Implemented
22 votes 29 comments
Possibility to save luma range masks / filled masks in custom styles Implemented
64 votes 21 comments
HEIC Support Implemented
29 votes 19 comments
C1 Live - Pass Comments from client Live session to C1 Implemented
6 votes 14 comments
Add one variant to an album without automatically adding all other variants Implemented
19 votes 13 comments
Dust removal Implemented
0 votes 12 comments
Apply image corrections from one subject selection mask to another image's subject selection mask Implemented
12 votes 9 comments
Duplicate Layer Implemented
25 votes 9 comments
Luma Range modal blocks all interaction with the main window Implemented
14 votes 7 comments
Improved Smart white balance Implemented
0 votes 6 comments
AI Dust Removal Implemented
1 vote 5 comments
Please integrate the four way white balance shift from Fuji cameras Implemented
4 votes 5 comments
Add Keyboard shortcut to reset crop Implemented
8 votes 5 comments
Assign keyboard shortcuts to Styles/Presets Implemented
1 vote 4 comments
Tethering - allow to change default for Save To Implemented
1 vote 3 comments
Speed Edit Reset Implemented
5 votes 3 comments
Please send notifications when a client makes alterations in Capture One Live Implemented
0 votes 2 comments
AI Culling Implemented
3 votes 2 comments
Enable the Digit-Count token to create watermarks to show photo numbers Implemented
1 vote 2 comments
B&W Enable Shortcut key Implemented
13 votes 2 comments
Subject and Background layers on import Implemented
0 votes 1 comment
Select Subject Implemented
0 votes 1 comment
Tethering iphone's camera Implemented
0 votes 1 comment
iPhone lens profiles for ProRAW Implemented
0 votes 1 comment
Face Focus outside of Cull Implemented
4 votes 1 comment
Please add Support for Panasonic S5iix Implemented
0 votes 1 comment