... by sending us a feature request or providing feedback on the desktop application.

Search “Improve Capture One Pro” topic first to avoid duplicate feature requests Pinned Featured
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How to make a feature request or provide feedback Pinned Featured
2 votes 1 comment
What do the labels on my post mean? Pinned
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Database connection FAILED
0 votes 51 comments
Allow me to zoom the image in the Viewer window more easily
0 votes 36 comments
Do not change my workspace when upgrading
3 votes 31 comments
Export Speed / overall performance - Apple M Processors
14 votes 28 comments
If I have a RAW and a JPG with the same file name, I want to list only the RAW.
2 votes 27 comments
Settings backup
8 votes 26 comments
Auto horizon levelling
3 votes 26 comments
Content Credentials
13 votes 26 comments
Please change the handling of hierarchical keywords
4 votes 23 comments
Flickr integration
2 votes 21 comments
Please make View window zoom to 100% and shrink to fit a simple toggle
2 votes 21 comments
Linear gradient after lens distortion correction
3 votes 17 comments
Add "album name" to tokens
2 votes 17 comments
Picking up pictures for editing from Mylio
0 votes 16 comments
Catalog backup as Zip/Tar/7Zip
3 votes 16 comments
Healing Mask to Operate Similarly to Magic Brush
1 vote 16 comments
Face Focus issues and improvements
-1 votes 16 comments
Is anybody out there? Nobody from C1 seems to respond to most of our requests.
0 votes 15 comments
Two feature request for skin tones
3 votes 14 comments
Keystone Tool Improvements
6 votes 14 comments
Film grain tool as local adjustment in layers
15 votes 14 comments
IMPORT PRESETS: Preset for Imports
5 votes 13 comments
Printing Paper simulation
0 votes 13 comments
Combine masks
2 votes 13 comments
Button or Hotkey to move images back to Capture (similar to "move to selects" button)
1 vote 13 comments
Regenerate subject/background mask and apply to current layer
5 votes 13 comments