... by sending us a feature request or providing feedback on the desktop application.

Search “Improve Capture One Pro” topic first to avoid duplicate feature requests Pinned Featured
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How to make a feature request or provide feedback Pinned Featured
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What do the labels on my post mean? Pinned
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View multiple tool panels in Dual Screen Workspace
1 vote 1 comment
Add an option to render cropped thumbnails in full Not currently planned
16 votes 10 comments
Easy conversion from looks into 3D LUT export for video color grading Logged
4 votes 0 comments
Identify the point of focus for each image
7 votes 4 comments
Relocate multiple images + show file paths for missing images Not currently planned
28 votes 32 comments
Export Variants
1 vote 3 comments
hide the splash screen during startup
3 votes 3 comments
Add an explicit option to create a new session on application startup
1 vote 4 comments
Request for Adding a Vectorscope for Color Reading
9 votes 5 comments
Improve UPDATE accessibility
3 votes 5 comments
Focus Stacking Not currently planned
41 votes 69 comments
Performance - GPU and CPU core usage
1 vote 5 comments
Camera setting (Aperure, Shutter, ISO) dropdown menu for Sony Alpha
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export images to photoshop without them being saved in any folder
0 votes 6 comments
AI sky selection => please add it !
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Frame Averaging
1 vote 2 comments
HDR editing and display
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Ability to Type Notes Instead of Using Mouse / Stylus
2 votes 1 comment
Metadata for Person Shown in Image
5 votes 11 comments
Tethering - allow to change default for Save To Implemented
1 vote 3 comments
Apply Magnifying glass function at keystone correction
3 votes 2 comments
Offer eight anchor points at the Square keystone tool
0 votes 1 comment
Bokeh tool addition
-1 votes 5 comments
Allow the use of an = (equals sign) in the name of a Smart Album
0 votes 1 comment
HDR support
4 votes 2 comments
Covert negatives to digital like Capture One Heritage
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