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Disable style preview on mouse over
1 vote 7 comments
Option to turn off case sensitivity for Keyword Library search function
6 votes 3 comments
Assign keyboard shortcuts to Styles/Presets Implemented
1 vote 4 comments
Keywords: export options
3 votes 4 comments
Option to lock images to prevent further changes
3 votes 2 comments
Renaming image files on import: More advanced options for numbering patterns
3 votes 3 comments
Written annotations Not currently planned
17 votes 9 comments
Option to give variants a name that shows up in the browser Not currently planned
22 votes 17 comments
Keystone tool: Loupe showing position of adjustment points Not currently planned
10 votes 10 comments
Keystone tool: Retain adjustment point positions after Capture One is closed
2 votes 0 comments
Keystone tool: Independent horizontal and vertical adjustment points Not currently planned
9 votes 1 comment
Sharpening mask similar to Lightroom Not currently planned
18 votes 8 comments
Focus Stacking Not currently planned
41 votes 68 comments
Opening Multiple Images as Layers In Photoshop Not currently planned
11 votes 11 comments
HDR Monitor Support and Raw to HDR HEIF
4 votes 3 comments
Combine multiple gradients and brush/eraser in one mask Not currently planned
41 votes 10 comments
Identify tools which have been used/changed Not currently planned
28 votes 44 comments
Bring back the Output Panel! Implemented
78 votes 117 comments
Color Calibration tool equivalent to Lightroom Not currently planned
29 votes 37 comments
X-Rite Colorchecker Calibration Not currently planned
22 votes 27 comments
HEIC Support Implemented
26 votes 18 comments
Linux Support Not currently planned
21 votes 25 comments
Add the ability to view images of subfolders. Implemented
46 votes 31 comments
Affinity photo file format support (afphoto) Not currently planned
29 votes 18 comments
LUTS! How is it that C1 can't use LUTs? Logged
26 votes 28 comments
Adding Analog/Negative FILM Conversion Features Logged
97 votes 112 comments
select multiple folders / albums / collections Not currently planned
26 votes 34 comments
Allow to give variants a description Not currently planned
35 votes 40 comments
Allow to protect images/variants from modification Not currently planned
31 votes 11 comments
Add one variant to an album without automatically adding all other variants Implemented
19 votes 13 comments