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Announcements from Capture One, important news updates, and more.

Rules of the Capture One Community Pinned Featured
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The support link for the iPad app is not functioning.
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New feature, camera, and lens request portal is now open!
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Maintenance of the online store starting 4:00 AM CET on Sunday, February 11, 2024
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Issue with NEF and NEFX images from Nikon Zf Implemented
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A quick look back on 2023 – and looking forward to 2024 and beyond
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macOS Sonoma 14.2 - breaks tethering across multiple applications, please update to 16.3.3 if possible
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Capture One Express is coming to an end
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Heads up about a minor change to the forum
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Forum Updates: Topics
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Interacting with Capture One staff and the moderation team Featured
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Capture One Pro (16.3) is out now – and we want to thank you...
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iPhone - Connectivity issues with all Fujifilm GFX cameras.
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iPhone - User gets the message that the accessory draws too much power.
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MacOS14 Sonoma - Supported from Capture One 16.2.5 and forward
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Stay up to date and get the most out of your Capture One license
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Notice for users exporting DNGs from DxO PureRAW
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FIXED: Incident: Customers on Capture One 15.1 or older are unable to log in and activate
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Call for moderators
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FIXED: download page is down – we are working on fixing it as we speak
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Capture One 23 (16.2) is available to download
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Update about the outage on Friday, April 14
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FIXED: Tables not showing correctly in articles
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FIXED: License server is down since 8:47 CEST, April 14
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NEWS: We've made it easy to request camera support
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