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Truncate Names in Batch Rename?



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    Maybe. It rather depends on how the date is formatted.

    There is a Find and Replace mode in Batch Rename. See this example

    That would take an image called DSC12345.NEF and rename it to 12345.NEF - just replacing the DSC with nothing.

    So if your images were called something like 2023-03-24-DSC12345, you could take off the 2023- from the front of that by this method and be left with 03-24-DSC12345.NEF.

    But you'd then have to go through with all the 03s, all the 04s and so on, and then do the days. Tedious!

    But if you had a lot of images taken on the same day, you could readily enough strip out the whole date in one go so that 2023-03-24- was replaced with nothing and get DSC12345.NEF.

    What is the date format you've got at the moment and what would you like the file name to become?


    Edited to add: unfortunately you don't seem to be able to use wildcards.

  • Jim Collinson

    The format I have at the moment is: yyyy-dd-mm DSCxxxx
    When I need: yyyy-mm-dd DSCxxxx

    Really not looking forward to all the manual work.

    There are tools that could do this from finder super easy, but then there is the issue of broken links. 


  • Jim Collinson

    Thinking about it though, I could potentially do it in maybe 50 moves using find/replace… still tedious, but not the end of the world. Be much easier with a truncate though!


    If the naming is this consistent then a "simple" script would make short work of it (if you are Mac)...

  • Jim Collinson

    Yeah, I could do it really simply in the Finder without even needing a script TBH.

    The problem is then all the links are broken in C1, and I need to locate all the files again. Can that be done in a batch? I assumed not.


    Oh. Catalogs. 

    Well then the only way to do this is script inside CO as it is the gatekeeper to all the database stuff. Probably the best/least complex is to script stripping the DSC name off and storing it in a metadata field. Then use app batch rename function with: [Capture Date YY-MM-DD] [whatever IPTC field] This approach would offer some redundancy if something went wrong, and maintain the links. 


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