Crop tool doesn't work.


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  • Ian Wilson

    I think that if you want help on this, you'll have to say a bit more. What do you mean it doesn't work? Tell us exactly what you are doing and exactly what happens. 

    How are you engaging the crop tool - pressing the default shortcut for it (C on the keyboard) or clicking on the toolbar button for the crop tool?

    What happens when you do that? Do you see the crop handles at the corners and edges of the image? 

    If you do see them and try to drag them inwards, does anything move?

    And do you realise that in Capture One there is no need to commit the crop as there is in some apps? You can just move on to another tool, and the image will change to the cropped version (and you can go back at any time and adjust the crop.) Or you can press Enter if you prefer to do it that way to come out of the crop tool.


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  • FORT 07


    Got the same issue. 
    All the tools in the topbar does not seem to work on some of my photos in the same session.

    I see the crop handles but can't move them.
    Brush, rotate,... does also not work. 

    Working with RAF's shot with Fuji GFX 50s.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • FORT 07


    I downloaded and activated Capture One 20 again to work with instead.
    But could not open my session due to the fact that it was saved with version 21.

    So I re-activated version 21 and now the bug is gone. 


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