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  • Ian Wilson

    As you know, there isn't currently such a facility. But here's a suggestion. Prepare a document with the details you want - description, lighting diagram, etc - in the word processor or whatever of your choice. Take a screen shot of it as say a PNG or JPG, and add that in to your session. Or if you are able to use an app such as Affinity Publisher, or Affinity Designer (or indeed Affinity Photo, or Photoshop) you could directly export it in a suitable image format. Having such an image as the first image in your session could be useful.

    (I know it's only a workaround, but it might be helpful pending any response from Capture One to your feature request.)


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  • SFA


    All of that suggestion makes sense to me - plus take some illustrative BTS type shots of the setup on the basis that a picture speaks a thousand words? (Is that still true these days?)

    I suppose one could also adopt (per image if that would be useful) an IPTC field and use that to store a set up description.

    If using a session a non-image folder could be included to store master record documents.

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