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Undo (⌘Z) jumps to different photo



  • Marcel Erdelen

    It's not a bug, it's feature...

    Start a new session, select one picture and then the next one

    Go to Edit -> Undo / Redo Selection

    Selecting pictures has been part of the Undo history for a long time.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Hi Olaf,

    In C1_21 I could only jump back two times with ⌘Z after making two changes. After that the Undo Arrow was grayed out and I could not do an other ⌘Z.

    Maybe this is true, I cannot tell, but I know there has been (and maybe still is) a bug with Undo button not working anymore for many users (that was including me) but not easy to spot the root cause or action needed to reproduce the issue. I also think they tried to address that and maybe introduces this issue in v21.

    Marcel is right, spanning many years of experience with C1, undo has always undone selection changes too. Were this not the case, would you really like to delete the history so that edits on previously selected images cannot be undone once you switch to another image? Or undo these edits without switching back to them?

    Unless there is no variant specific history which could be rolled back, the general undo function should work as is, imo.

  • OMagic

    Thank you Marcel and BeO, the way ⌘Z works in C1 seems the way it is. For this thing I miss the history from Lightroom. But there so many features I love in C1 over lightroom. :-)


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