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download will not open on Ipad Pro



  • Keith R
    Top Commenter

    Is the IPad Pro supported?

    What does a forum search suggest?

    (You checked, right?)

  • Edison Wrzosek

    Geez, can you not be a jerk at least once Keith???

  • Dave R

    Although latest iPad Pro has same m1 chipset as basic m1 Mac books and Mac mini it uses the iPad OS rather than Mac OS so can’t run mac native programmes.  Capture One have said there’s will be a native iPad OS Capture One app this year.


  • Edison Wrzosek

    Hi Dave,

    Yes at the moment, even though the iPad Pro now uses the M1 chip as does Mac's, because of OS differences, iOS/iPadOS universal binaries can be used on the Mac, but the Capture One Pro 22 binaries are not Universal, and as such won't run on iPadOS.

    We'll have to wait for Capture One to release the dedicated iPadOS app sometime this year.

  • A J Zelada


    I could only see last Summer announcerments that capture one iPad was being developed. Plus when I loaded the dmg file to the iPad Pro, there were No warnings of " doesn’t  work on your iPad."

    Thanks for the respon'ses.


  • David Glasco

    I have downloaded Capture One Pro 23 on my MacBook Pro. It is running the M1 chip and has 8GB of Ram. It seems to have downloaded and installed properly but, when I try and open Capture One the main screen does not appear. Instead, the Select a Catalog screen opens. 


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