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updating 6 to the new vertion do I need a new licence


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  • John Doe
    [quote="david king of scotland" wrote:
    Hi I have no 6 on my old xp 32bit laptop and today I finally got a new 64bit laptop.
    Am I right in thinking I now have to buy a new licence at twice the price as the old one or do older users get a discount or what..

    I'm looking at the program now though the sliders are all greyed out and you cant do anything. So I doesn't recognise my pass codes...

    Thanks david

    You only get a discount if you have version n-1 or n-2. So currently v9 or v10 can get a discount for v11.

    So yes, unfortunately you have to purchase a full-price licence.
  • david king of scotland
    Thanks for the info John Doe

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