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color demolition in exported tiff and jpg


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  • westbild
    Hi Grant,

    the artifacts seem to be connected to using the HDR-tool. They appear on the screen while using it and vanish shortly after that. When i export the file the same errors are visible in the Tiff. The Log seems inconspicious to me apart from some "2019-12-08 13:43:41.922> First chance exception (thread 20372): 0x406D1388 - Set thread name" (while makeing a new Opene-CL Kernel after i deleted the old one).

    i will open a support case
  • SFA
    That certainly seems to suggest that there may be a bit of a problem with the 5700 GPU or the current driver for it.

    There are some previous and quite old threads discussing issues with the 5700. Search for Radeon 5700 seems to find them well.

    Whether any are helpful to you situation I don't know - I have not read them all.

    Try setting the preferences for "Use Hardware Acceleration" to NONE for both parameters to see if that solves the problem as a temporary solution.

  • jan.martin
    There seems to be another thread referring to similar problems:
    [The Capture One forum has migrated to a new platform, as a result all links to Capture One related postsstopped working and have been removed]&p=175445#p175445

    After some research it seems that the culprit is most likely your OpenCL driver for Windows 10.
    Apparently, AMD hasn't yet fixed the problems with their OpenCL driver for their Radeon 5000 Navi / RDNA GPUs.
    You can find several sources citing the OpenCL driver problems, e.g. around SETI@Home.

    I am experiencing similar artefacts after upgrading my Windows workstation with a RX 5700 XT card, using the current 19.12.2 drivers and Capture One 20.

    Apparently, the Radeon 5000 OpenCL drivers for MacOS are not affected as I do not observe the problem on my 16" MacBook Pro with Radeon Pro 5500M graphics.

    Looks like we have to disable hardware acceleration until AMD has fixed their drivers... ☹️
    Maybe reporting the problem to AMD helps a tiny bit:
  • jan.martin
    Update: After some more research and testing, the following procedure helped in my case:

    Fully remove the drivers using the AMD Cleanup Utility from
    Caution: This requires re-booting into safe mode, so have your Windows password ready, not just the PIN

    Download and install AMD's newest Radeon RX 5700 XT drivers from here:

    Before using Capture One again, remove all files (ICOCL.xml, ICOCL.bin and ICOCL_all.xml) from the the hidden OpenCL Kernel directory here: C:\ProgramData\Phase One\Capture One\ImageCore

    Start Capture One, and check in Edit - Preferences - Hardware Acceleration if "Display" and "Processing" are set to "Auto"
    For a while, you should see the message "Setting up hardware acceleration" which can take several minutes.

    Happy photo editing!

    Used configuration
    - Intel i7-8700K
    - Gigabyte Z370N Wifi Mainboard
    - Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB
    - Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 1909
    - Capture One 20

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