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Licensing question


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  • Anonymous
    correct > Free to PRO Owners until PRO UpGrade arrives 😄

    K C
  • Simon111
    Thanks for the clarification Keith. Whilst waiting for your response, I logged a support call on this, and the response from your support guys was to tell me that I have zero free upgrade entitlement, and I will have to pay to get Pro now. I've paid a lot of money for Capture One Pro with 2 free updates since 3.7.7, and am hoping I just got someone who didn't speak great English. I am persevering, because I want to get the activations cleared (I've rebuilt my PC a few times). If you would be prepared to intervene in this support call, I would appreciate it. My Phase One account uses the same email address by which I am registered on this board...
  • dcwbrown
    Hi, could I ask you to clarify 'Free to PRO Owners until PRO UpGrade arrives'?

    I'm a pro owner, but when I entered my pro license code and pressed activate I was told 'No more free upgrades'.

    I've been a long term user, upgrading from LE to PE back at 3.5, and I received 2 free upgrades at that point, which took me to 3.7.

    As a 40D owner, I'm particularly interested in using 4 until 4 pro is available, and I understand of course that I would need to pay for an upgrade at that point.

    Many thanks.
  • Martin2111
    I am in a similar position. I have two upgrades which goes back to the time when we were encouraged to upgrade to Pro and trade in bought upgrades to a lesser version. I don't remember the exact circumstances.

    I'm also a bit nervous about CO 4; I am just finding it so hard to get along with after using 3. I would like to know what enhancements are planned for the future Pro version and (from another thread) what does "available in 2008" actually mean. If past experience of Phase One is anything to go by it should read "Fall 2009!"

  • Anonymous
    You are all set now, I also responded to your Case too.

    Using the PRO Product Key to activate 4 does not use up the PRO Upgrade.
    All PRO Owners can activate 4 and it Will Not count towards the allotted 2 computer activations.
    When 4 PRO UpGrade arrives, your Freebie will be redeemed.

    Your issue with Activations is a bit more complicated by the fact that you have used 3 different Profiles.
    Always use and maintain 1 Profile and then all Activation History and information remains affiliated with that Profile.

    Your Purchased Key ID was quite clear that it should have included 2 Free UpGrades. It appears some of the Keys issued from another web site did not always generate correctly, and therefore I have corrected this for you.

    Same as David, you have used 3 different Profiles although one looks like a typo by you which generated another Profile.

    Tech Support can clean-up the issue of multiple Profiles too. So for any others who have questions or problem with activation issues, please submit a Support Case since this must be handled internally.

    Technical Support Site:

    K C
  • dcwbrown
    Many thanks Keith, yes, it has activated smoothly now.
    Thanks for sorting out my profiles. I'll do my best to stick to one from now on. (Previously I have changed ISPs a couple of times, and changed my email alias. As I am now using my own mail server and my own domain name, I should be able to stick to one email alias.)
    I'm enjoying the new workflow in C1 4, I personally am all in favor of having as much of the functionality visible at one time, with the caveat that it is clearly presented - difficult to do and I think really well executed in '4'.
    -- Dave.

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