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CaptureOne 6.4.5 32 bit - cannot view IIQ files


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  • Keith Reeder
    Which camera?

    It is supported by that version of Capture One? ... meras.aspx?

    Just because IIQ is a supported file format, it doesn't mean that an old version of Capture One will read an IIQ file from a newer camera.

    This is an absolutely fundamental "must know" aspect of digital photography, Ross - it's the specific camera model that's relevant to whether a file from it will open in a given version of a converter's software, not the file format.

    Old software can't be expected to understand files from new cameras.
  • Ulf Liljegren
    Here is a good collection of knowledge base articles where you can see which version support what cameras: ... orted.aspx
  • Paul Steunebrink
    You are apparently limited to 32-bits software, which effectively limits your options as Capture One is only 64-bits since CO7.

    If you ever enter the 64-bits area, please be aware that Capture One when running in the so-called DB mode, is free of charge and let you evaluate the IIQ files unlimited of any trial period.

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