How to rename a session?


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  • OddS.
    [quote="NNN636902574378972986" wrote: can I rename a session?

    The following is for renaming while C1 is not running. Make sure you know the "original-session-name".

    If you are not sure where you keep your C1 sessions on the computer:
    Open the session "original-session-name" in C1 and select the Library tool. Hover the mouse pointer hover over "Session:" and note the indicated location, the path, of the file "original-session-name.cosessiondb".

    If you are not comfortable with assisting C1 to locate the lost (renamed) most recent session at next start, after renaming the session, you can open a different session that C1 then will remember as the most recent and open on next start.

    Close C1
    Start Finder
    Navigate Finder to the session folder "/your/session/path/original-session-name"
    Rename the file "original-session-name.cosessiondb" to "new-session-name.cosessiondb"
    Rename the folder "/your/session/path/original-session-name "to "/your/session/path/new-session-name"

    Renaming the folder may be most important of the two to see the new session name in C1, but the C1 File->Open dialog focuses on .cosessiondb files rather than folders.
    I recommend to also rename the file "original-session-name.cosessiondb" to "new-session-name.cosessiondb" just to avoid future confusion. I think it is good practice to have the same name on the session folder and the .cosessiondb file.

    Start C1
    Select File->Open, navigate to and select the file "new-session-name.cosessiondb"
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  • NNN636902574378972986
    OK. Thank you OddS! 😎
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    Seems like a bunch of complicated steps in order to do something that should be extremely simple to do through capture one. I call this User Unfriendly. I'm one step closer to going back to Adobe.

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