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Copy Adjustments Not Copying All Adjustments


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  • Rob Gillespie
    I get this sometimes too (on Windows). I put it down to a genuine bug in CaptureOne.
  • Christopher O'Grady

    I have a list of Windows bugs now... From what I've learned I should never expect Windows bugs to be fixed 😕

    Guess I will make another support case...
  • SFA
    There is probably a good reason or two for the randomness.

    For example if a copy contains an adjustment that, for whatever reason, cannot be applied for some reason then it will be skipped. There may also be exceptions where existing adjustments may be overwritten when they should not be overwritten.

    The settings for the Clipboard may also be a factor - you probably know that already but since you have not mentioned it I thought I would raise the subject.

    Of course there is also the potential that you have some different settings in your Windows installation compared to the Mac installation.

    Your best option should be to query what is available/expected and what is not using a Support Case.


  • Christopher O'Grady

    Back again 2 years later... This is happening to me now again in both v21 14.3 and v22.

    Random images don't have their settings copied to other images. Right now random shadow detail slider adjustments are not copied. Other times it does.

    I only find out much later in the production process and I need to go back and manually change the settings.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? It is severely affecting my workflow!


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