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Fuji gfx 100 terhering speed


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  • Luis Aragon
    Hi Klaus,

    No you aren't the only one to see those speeds. I have tested on a top of the line Razer laptop and getting 4-5 second downloads. I also tested on my production machine and able to get 3.5 seconds. Theoretically they should be coming down faster.
  • Yeshen Venema

    The GFX files are huge so it's not going to be as fast as a Sony A7mkIII for example but I've found it pretty speedy most of the time, it's not 100& consistent which may be due to a buffer or the type of image I am shooting (how much detail and colour info that would affect the size of file).

    There are options in image size (Uncompressed RAW will be the largest but I don't think it's necessary to shoot that type).

    One key thing I have discovered is that you can pause live view and take a shot with auto focus and then un pause, saves closing live view each time.


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