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All controls greyed out


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  • Alexander Flemming
    Did you activate the Sony or DB version by mistake?
  • Benjamin Liddle
    A few of the items that could be causing this:
    - The images are below the minimum resolution
    - The images are in an unsupported filetype (as mentioned, for example, a Canon file while Capture One is activated for Sony or DB)
    - The images are in a read-only directory, which prevents Capture One from creating the sidecar adjustment files
    - The images are JPG or TIF and you've disabled JPG/TIF editing in Preferences.
  • FirstName LastName

    I have the same problem!!! all control are greyed out please help

  • carusoswi

    I have never had this problem with Capture One before.  All tools are greyed out.  I cannot flip or rotate images, cannot add layers or anything.  I re-imported a directory of images, and one, and only one image was I able to access editing tools.  The rest can be selected, but Capture One 21 is otherwise dead.  What is wrong!!


    J Calloway


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