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Congratulations PhaseOne...


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  • dave211
    Dont forget this is just the cut down budget version.
    We may yet see those features in the pro version.
    Yeah, i know, im kidding myself.

  • D2xs30
    Yeah, I can't wait for the Pro version - a much more expensive, buggy *Censored: Rules Violation* 😁 Just kidding. I still hold out hope that Phase One will get their act together and turn this thing around, but I think I may be an incurable optimist. The first step is not to change current software though; the first change needs to be change of management, and then get new programmers/developers who will actually listen to the photographers who use their product. Novel concept I know!

    It's very obvious the current programmers developed CO4 for programmers, not photographers. Nothing new about that, it happens all the time, but it's still disappointing.

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