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  • Alan Rei
    No, at least not to a PhaseOne P45+.

    I tried today and it is not recognized.

    Very sad story!

  • Mauricio11
    As far as I know, this is not the Pro version of Capture One 4...the pro version will be available a bit later and will have tethered shooting.
  • dariohonda
    is impossible to shoot tethered with the canon 1dsMARKIII....

  • pmirror
    any good news for Nikon Shooter? (D3)
  • Joao Manuel Da Silva Neves
    Keep in mind that this is Not the PRO version yet
  • Cannon
    With Canon cameras you can shoot tethered with the EOS Utility and view the files with Capture One.
  • Brian Eaves
    You can use the new canon Ver 16.0 which shipped with the Mark IIIs.
    The new canon software does work with 10.4 and 10.5.1 w/o a problem.
    Just tell the EOS software to shoot in the Capture folder, the EOS Utility
    doesn't use a ton of ram 30-50 Megs of ram.

    As for the Pro version, I thought phase One stated earlier this year that the LE ver was going to be released first and the Pro version soon after that.
    Hopefully the new version of 3.7.8 Pro will be 10.5 compatible , bug fixes new cameras and have the same reg activation/deactivation scheme.

    Personally I'm in favor for releasing the LE first so they can refine the advanced features on the Pro ver.

    Pay attention to the new min system requirements, 10.4.11 and later vs. 10.3.9 and later in 3.7.7 and G3's


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