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  • Ian Wilson

    There seems to be a setting for it in the General tab of Preferences.


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  • SFA

    @Gordon Wyatt

    Given that this question has been posed in the V12 and V11 section of the forums and for the avoidance of confusion for Legacy version users it may be worth asking whether you are indeed referring to V21 as Ian Wilson has, probably correctly, assumed?

    If you are I would recommend the Release Notes as a useful source of information about this and other changes in Version 21:


    Enhanced tooltips
    The learning curve of Capture One has been flattened with enhanced graphical tooltips. Hover cursor tools and tool names to see a description. If applicable to the tool, an image example, shortcut, and links to mini introduction videos and more educational material is shown in the tooltip as well. Optionally, these tooltips can be disabled in Preferences > General.

    Read more about Enhanced tooltips in this article.

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