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Capture one 12 download not avaliable


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  • SFA


    That is a good question.

    There used to be a link available but I cannot see it and cannot find any reference using a search.

    There also used to be information about order and license keys prior to everything going through Fastspring but that information also seems to have gone missing.

    Presumably this is some sort of web site update error.

    I think Submit a request is required.

  • Vasko Bozinovski

    I only purchased Capture One Pro 12, in December 2019... and I already can't re download it when I need to reinstall it. Utterly shocking it's not available... is it just trying to push us into "upgrading..."

  • SFA


    You might be right or it might be an oversight when the web site pages were updated as the time V21 was released.

    Some changes to the availability of account information seem to have been applied at the same time and old order and license information seems to be missing at this time.

    Whether this is temporary or permanent is not known - at least not by me.

    It would certainly be good to know, one way or the other.

    Have you already created a Support Request?

  • SFA


    Another thought.

    If you bought V12 in December 2019 then you must have really bought V20 in terms of what the License code activation offers.

    V20 is download today.

    What is preventing you from using V20 and the advantages it introduced between December 2019 and  now?

  • Christopher Dubea

    I get the same thing. Luckily I have a copy of v12 downloaded.

    Not happy this was removed.

  • Marc-Andre Gosselin

    anyone has the link?


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