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  • SFA


    For a catalog you have to "import" the images and at that time you can choose whether to copy them into the Catalog folders (known as "Managed) or leave them where they are (known as "referenced".)


    For a session you have similar options but there is no need to "Import" the images if you want to use the source files from their existing locations. All you need to do in that case is open the session, browse to a folder that you want to associate with that session and make it a "Favorite" for the session. So long as you leave it as a favorite folder it will always be available in the session Library.

    If you do not make a folder a favorite but edit some images in the folder the edits will be retained in sub-folders below the folder containing the images but without the recorded link to them.

    There is nothing to prevent you going back to that folder at some future point if you wish to and doing some more work to add to your previous editing either by re-stablishing a Favorite folder status or not bothering to do so.

    So that is the main concept of what is available.

    We now need to establish what you are doing that makes you particular activities lose the things you have created.


    Is it just the photos that vanish from the catalog or session or can you not find the catalogs or sessions at all after you have created them? (And presumably closed them after which they become undiscoverable.)


    Windows  PC or Mac?

    Which version of Capture One? I not that you have posted in the V12 and V11 section of the forum but wonder if you are actually using V20.

    Has all of this worked for you successfully in previous times?

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  • Chandler McGrew

    Thank you. I'm trying to edit from tethered. But sometimes the photos go into that session and sometimes they go off into the ozone and I don't know what I do different from session to session.

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