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License who?


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  • Pedro Marconi

    The same thing just happened to me, when I started Capture One Pro a poster appeared saying that my subscription has been deactivated

  • SFA

    Assuming you have just one license and are using 2 "seats"  ...

    Use your new (V21)  license activation code to re-activate V12.  Your old license has been replaced by the new one.

    But first De-activate your existing V12 on the MBP.

    There are several documents in the support system that cover this concept and process. Just use the Search feature to find then and enjoy the read of whichever seems likely to be the most helpful for you particular needs.

    Don''t forget that V12 will not be able to work with your V21 activated sessions/catalogs and edits.

    V21 will be able to work with any V12 work you already have.


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