Layers function missing from Pro Fujifilm 12 version of Capture 1


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  • Ian Wilson

    You need to make sure that the licence code you have entered is the one for your Pro version, and not the Express version. Fixing this should not lose any of your work. Presumably you have a licence code for Pro for Fuji version 12? Did you outright purchase it or is it a subscription. If it's a subscription, is it possible that your subscription has expired? If it has expired, have you renewed it, and did that give you a new licence code? (I'm not sure how that is done - I have never used the subscription option.)

    If it's a purchase, again you should have a perpetual licence and a licence code. 

    Assuming you do have a valid and current licence code for Pro for Fuji version 12, you could 

    • go to License... on the Capture One menu (on a Mac - not sure which menu it's on for Windows)
    • click the deactivate button
    • close Capture One.
    • Open it again and it should ask for a licence code - enter your valid Pro licence code.

    None of this alters the contents of your catalog or session so it cannot damage your edits.


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  • Phillip Harris

    Thanks Ian that was really helpful.  I have a perpetual licence.  
    Didn't even need to re-enter the licence key.  Just had to select to stop running the Express version, close Capture One, then re-opened and the layers function was back.  Don't know how/when I went back to the Express version, but all fixed now.  Thanks heaps.

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