Can the length of the recent imports list be lengthened and shortened


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  • OddS.

    > John Firneno: ...increase the recent imports list from ten to twenty or thirty

    Do not trust me on anything I write here because I never import in C1 and have no experience in tweaking that part of the config.

    There should be a "user.config" xml file that you may examine and possibly edit to test. Search for file "user.config" on your system disk. My user.config is in folder
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\CaptureOne.exe_StrongName_....\versioncode.  The dots indicate a code that appears to differ between installations, the number of versioncode subfolders will depend on how many updates/upgrades you have installed, pick the folder relevant for your current C1 version (likely the highest version code).

    A quick search for import in my own user.config leads to two possibly relevant xml elements:
    <setting name="ImageImporterSettingsForCatalogs" serializeAs="Xml"> and
    <setting name="ImageImporterSettingsForSessions" serializeAs="Xml">.

    Those <setting> elements have sub elements that may or may not be relevant for you:
    <RecentlyUsedFromFolders>, <RecentlyUsedToFolders> and <RecentlyUsedBackupFolders>. They all have <MaxSize>10</MaxSize> elements.

    You are on your own from here, but do make a (backup) copy of your user.config file before you change anything, you may need to roll back.




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  • SFA

    The User Guide specifically states that the last 10 Recent Imports are displayed.

    I note that this thread has been started in one of the legacy areas of the forum. I do not recall the exact point of change but the move of the userconfig file to the folder OddS mentions was quite a recent change. Maybe at some point in V12  or with V20. It may not be the same for V11 for example.

    As for Mac's - I have no idea.

    There is a good chance that any updates could revert the setting to the default 10. 


    John, do you have a particular Use Case that might be worth proposing to the C1 development team as a possible enhancement?

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  • John Firneno

    OddS and SFA:

    Thank you for your comments.  I'll take a look at the config file.  I've been using Capture One for the last four years I think, but I've never done an in-depth study of the features and now have to make some changes to my work flow.  I think I have about 2T of photo files and will need to use the file system instead of the recent imports to navigate.  But since I wasn't sure if there was an easier way around my problem I figured I'd throw it out there for more experienced users to comment.

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