C1 crashes every time with external disk


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  • BeO

    What exactly is your setup now, migrated the referecned images to external disk but kept the catalog on internal disk, or moved the catalog and its sidefolders to the external disk too? Please specify more clearly.

    What if you connect your external disk? If you don't have connected the disk with your images, why are you concered about them?

    Which version do you run (11 or 12?) and on which operating system?

    On Windows try holding down the ALT key when starting C1, C1 should prompt you to select a catalog rather than open the last used catalog automatically. See if it crashes too, then it has nothing to do with the catalog you migrated. The equivalent key on Mac is probably the option key, not sure though.


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  • Fabio Ferretti

    My current setup is as follows: I transferred the images and the catalogue to an external disk, then the catalogue to the internal disk of the new laptop and left the images on the external disk (c1 12, macos 11). As mentioned, everything worked perfectly for days after the migration.

    The problem started when I reconnected the external disk.

    Now I can open the catalogue but the program crashes immediately as soon as I move between folders and try to select an image to work on.


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  • Ian Wilson

    Capture One 12 does not support MacOS 11 (Big Sur).




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