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    One more thing - Layers were no longer visible, so I added Layers to my Exposure Tools Pallete - View > Add Tools to Exposure Tab. It placed Layers at the bottom and I like having them at the top, so I dragged Layers to the top of the Exposure Tools and my whole interface/workspace changed back to my original setup of Tools Pallete on the Left and Browser (sigle column) on the right. So I would sure like to know how to nail down my Workspace and keep it the way I want it.

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  • April Kristiansen

    Hi Fred,

    Make sure to Allow Capture One to have full access on macOS (check that it is the current version of Capture One you are using that has the permissions in case you have multiple versions) - if this was not done in both locations mentioned in the article: Quit Capture One and restart your Mac afterwards. 
    Now remake your workspace from scratch: starting out with the 'Default' workspace from the menu Window > Workspace > Default, and modify from this.
    Save your new workspace and check if the issue is solved.
    Saving a personal workspace

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