... by sending us a feature request or providing feedback on the desktop application.

Search “Improve Capture One Pro” topic first to avoid duplicate feature requests Pinned Featured
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How to make a feature request or provide feedback Pinned Featured
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What do the labels on my post mean? Pinned
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Offer eight anchor points at the Square keystone tool
0 votes 1 comment
Apply Magnifying glass function at keystone correction
3 votes 2 comments
Improve UPDATE accessibility
1 vote 4 comments
Covert negatives to digital like Capture One Heritage
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cut out the center of a photo, in other words, remove the middle.
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Allow the use of an = (equals sign) in the name of a Smart Album
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Import marker of selected pictures
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Offer the option to automatically activate a loupe when positioning straighten and keystone tools
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Export Variants, Crop Tool
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Do not change my workspace when upgrading
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Background Blur/Lens Blur like Lightroom
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Ignore Annotations when using "Copy From Last"
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Copy and Paste specific parameter easily
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Simplify update download process
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Tethering - allow to change default for Save To
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Give more history.....
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Allow Culling tool to read images from previews.
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Pentax 645z panorama, stitching
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Ability to delete tags of photos in trash
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Color-correcting camera profiles - using Colour checker Charts
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Auto horizon levelling
3 votes 11 comments
Next Capture Adjustments with hot folder
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