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I live in Bristol, England, and I am a retired civil servant. I'm not a pro photographer, but photography is a long-standing hobby. I've been using Capture One since version 4.1.

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  • Improve searching for keywords

    What problem do you see this solving?In find it easy to add keywords to images, but difficult to locate the images later. The Search function need improvement to be useful. For example, If I sea...

  • Problems signing in to the forum with Safari

    Once again, I can't sign in to the forum using Safari. I click on the link to sign in to able to coment. It takes me to another page, but the sign-in forum doesn't appear. I have tried deleting coo...

  • Stitch with Photoshop

    I tried the built-in stitch with Photoshop script today for the first time. It failed because it said it required various versions of PS, up to an including PS20. But I have updated to the newest P...

  • Where to get support announcement

    Ulf has added an announcement in the Announcements and FAQs forum about where to get support. Good idea to clarify that, but unfortunately it seems to have an important typo.Surely the last sentenc...

  • Capture One 20 overviews

    I've come across a couple of overviews of new Capture One 20 features so far. There is a video overview from Alex on Raw here: https://youtu.be/hRwPZrSoEjQand Paul Steunebrink of the Image Alchemis...

  • URL tags are missing

    Why are URL tags no longer available when posting in the forum?Ian

  • Smart album based on keyword(s)

    I am confused...I have a smart album of butterfly images. The criteria on which it is created are Match all of the following rules:Search criteria - Keywords contains butterfly.The Filters tool tel...

  • Old catalog backups - safe to delete?

    Is there any reason not to delete all but the last few backups of a catalog? They are quite sizeable, and if you back-up the catalog frequently soon take up a lot of disk space.Ian

  • Content of Announcements and FAQs board

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to suggest this, but the Announcements and FAQs forum is read only so I can't suggest it directly there.The Announcements and FAQs forum has not been updated fo...

  • Help with smart album criteria

    I'm trying to make a smart album of family photos, so I wanted to search for images that have keywords like Wilson (my surname) or Watts (my wife's family name). But I want to exclude one or two pe...