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  • snahl

    seems we're having a similar issue.
    See my post here:

    Is the catalog you have moved on a different file-system than before?
    Is the disk formatted with the same or a different Operating-System-Version?

    For my part it appears to be an issue with moving the images from an Windows-XP environment to a Windows7 environment. Similar in your case from one server to another, possibly with another file-system as well.
    EM2 does write hard-disk-information into the catalog.

    One can check this easily by importing only one image into a new catalog and then viewing that catalog in a HEX-Editor. Search for a the volume-name and/or drive letter of the disk on which the catalog was created.
    I have not edited that entry because this cannot be the solution.

    The only temporary solution is every time you open the catalog in question, perform the function 'reset folder path' AND also select an image and rebuild it.
    Doing this prevents EM2 from adding duplicate folders and its images. But only for that current session.
    Once you save and reopen that catalog you MUST repeat the functions 'reset folder path' and 'rebuild item'.
    This at least is a uncomfortable workaround for now.

    An other option is to export your whole catalog to an XML file.
    Then create a new catalog by importing 1 or 2 images only. Save it and leave it open.
    Then use the 'import from XML' function to recreate your catalog with your existing entries from the original catalog that was on the previous server-disk.

    Hope this helps to get back into a productive environment on the new server disk.
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  • hanna.larsson

    thanks for your answer! I tried to reset the folder path, but everytime I choose the folder on the new server, EM2 says "Cannot move folder. Make sure that: disk cannot be moved, folders cannot be moved onto their subfolders and, folders must exist." Even though the path I want to reset is the path on the new server that my catalog-file is already linked to without any missing items. If I try to export a xml-file with thumbnails I get the report "the action could not be completed because the catalog contains files not found in mounted volumes." And again, if I search for missing items in the catalog, EM2 says there are no missing items and acesses the NEW server path.

    I'm at my wits' end concerning this issue …
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  • hanna.larsson
    Ok, I managed to write a xml-file via "make". If I import it to a new catalog-file all hierarchical keywords appear but there are no tagged items at all, there arent even missing links, there are no items at all in the catalog. In the section catalog folder there's the right link, if I choose "show in finder" it shows the right folder on the right server. If I activate the option "original files" in the xml dialogue, it doesnt save any xml file at all – if I deactivate this option I get an xml as described above …
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  • James McDowell

    If it's any consolation (though I'll bet it's not) I'm experiencing exactly the same problems on a Windows system; so at least we know it's software and not the OS.

    Microsoft was notorious for wreaking havoc with every piece of creative software that they ever got their hands on. Hopefully our new friends at PhaseOne can resolve this at some point.

    I'm actively trying to find a work around. If I do, I'll post it here.
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  • hanna.larsson

    thanks for your answer. Though the problem isn't solved I'm glad to know that it really seems to be a software issue. I tried to get support from Phase One but unfortunately, they didn't manage to give me any helpful advice. I'll keep you informed if I find a way to handle this.

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  • Larry_S

    Check your file names on those files that are being re-imported. If they are over 31 characters on the Mac (yes, THAT 31 character limit from OS 9 days), then you have fallen prey to a 5 year old bug in Expression Media that Microsoft never fixed. (Folder names over 31 characters have been fixed, however.)

    I wrote two AppleScripts help to find all file names with > 31 characters:

    Make Filename > 31 Set.scpt
    Makes a catalog set out of files that have issues from the current shown set of media items.

    Filename Length.scpt
    This script shows file lengths for selected media items, then offers to select those with 31+ characters, or just the next length that is above 31 (which is useful when batch re-naming).

    The scripts are available here: ...

    There is no support for these scripts. Use at your own risk. Edit them if you like. Open them in AppleScript Editor first to verify that they do nothing malicious. The scripts do not change any actual file names; they just show you which ones will be a problem.

    This old, insidious bug is reported in a recent post here, and detailed on the old Microsoft forum at ... fdfb78c983

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