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  • syncrasy
    Not sure if there is an official technique, but I think you could use Contact Sheets as a workaround...

    1. Open the View Options window and choose the IPTC data you wish to display under the image (10 items max, I think)
    2. Select the image(s) you want to share and choose Find > Show Selected
    3. Choose a large thumbnail size (640 x 640 is the max)
    4. Make the contact sheet (you'll have to adjust the dimensions as needed to get image and text to fit right; you might have to do horizontals in one batch, verticals in another)

    If you size them right, you'll have one image per contact sheet page (output as multiple JPEGs, one for each page).
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  • mtpaper
    I was thinking that I'd be able to hack a workaround with contact sheets, but I couldn't wrap my head around it.
    Thanks -
    I'll go try
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  • roberte

    You can make a PDF with any info underneath each image in the Media view using the Print function (select Media Sheet).

    If you want to make JPEGs with a frame that includes info underneath make a Photoshop Droplet then add that as a Helper App in xMedia.

    Peter Krogh created an Photoshop Action several years ago to make a "digital slidemount" that gives you a start:

    -- Robert.
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  • mtpaper
    Thank you Robert.

    I know how to do it all by pdf, but I'm trying to keep them as jpgs.
    And, as I write that, I wonder why.... I mean, it would have been fine to do it as pdf too....

    so, I'll explore both methods. I was wondering what Droplet were!
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