Captue One 5 Offer



  • Drew Altdo
    [quote="Paul Silk" wrote:
    As someone who owned CO4 and lost his activations the last time I changed computers 6 months ago...

    Your activation is never "Lost". It is registered to your Phase One account. So, if at any point your computer crashes or you upgrade to a new machine, simply reset the key from your account and activate the software on a new machine.
    This is also how you can determine if your Key allows for a free upgrade to Capture One 5. ... nguageid=1
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  • Paul Silk
    Thanks Drew, But I tried that with no luck possibly because I royaly screwed up the activations and could not make it work for me (see image). It seems it was for 3.7 but I remember having a free upgrade to 4. I guess I will have to see if I'm entitled to CO5 under the Expression media offer. 😕 it (4.82) to work, thanks Drew. 😄
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